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The situation in Santa Cruz begins to calm

Karte: World-Altas.com

Santa Cruz (Bolivia). “Our brothers and sisters are in good health, and there is peace.” It was with these words that District Apostle Guillermo Vilor began his letter to Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber regarding the political situation in the South American country of Bolivia. Over the past weeks there have been numerous conflicts in the provinces of Santa Cruz, Tarija, and Beni.

“At the moment, the situation has calmed down somewhat. The Indians and rural population have eased the pressure on the city of Santa Cruz,” the District Apostle reports further. He goes on to express his hope that the coming 15 days of ceasefire will suffice in order to come to a political resolution of the conflict. District Apostle Vilor: “We will continue to pray for God’s help. Our Bishop is looking after our congregations there and is taking care of the New Apostolic families. I think the situation is under control.”


The District Church of Bolivia numbers some 4,500 members.

29 September 2008