In detail: the publications

Only about half of the world’s population is connected to the internet; the rest has no access to it. And then there are those who prefer to inform themselves offline and are not unhappy if the articles go into more detail.

community for the world

community is the name of the member magazine of the New Apostolic Church International. The 32-page magazine is published on a quarterly basis in English, French, and Spanish. In addition to doctrinal statements and communications from the Church leadership, the magazine reports on the life and experiences of the members in the various parts of the world.

“Unity in diversity” is the motto behind the free distribution of the magazine in electronic or printed form. The District Apostle Areas have a wide range of possibilities. Depending on their needs, they can, for example, offer a reduced quarterly edition or an expanded monthly edition. The magazine is produced by the New Apostolic Church International in three languages and can be translated into other languages locally as needed by the District Churches.

All these variants have a common core: an editorial by the Chief Apostle, one of his central divine services, and articles that explain the doctrine of our faith.

neuapostolisch for Germany

This core section of the community magazine can also be found in the German church magazine neuapostolisch. The subscription-based magazine is the Church’s official organ in German-speaking Europe and is published once a month. Once a month, children in Germany receive the magazine Wir Kinder. It is paid for by the German Regional Churches.

Divine Service Guide for the ministers

The most frequently translated publication of the New Apostolic Church is the worldwide Divine Service Guide for the ministers. It contains the exegetical part of the sermon preparation, which the local ministers then transfer into their own culture and world.

Nearly 200,000 ministers receive a copy of the Divine Service Guide: a good third in the form of a monthly publication, the majority in the form of a yearbook, which contains a whole year's worth of sermons. Currently, the publication is translated into 75 languages.