In conversation with God

Divine service is a dialogue with God. This exchange is only possible because God has given humans an ability that distinguishes them from all other living beings.

Every time we gather with our God, we speak to Him first: we bring Him our praise, we worship Him together, we thank Him for everything He has done for us, and then we bring our petitions to Him.

We tell God what we need. We express our wishes and desires and tell Him that we trust in Him. We tell Him, “You know us, You are our God, You are our Father, give us what we need.” We also pray for others, and here too we say to God “We trust You. You love our neighbour more than we do, and we know that You will take care of them.”

This is what we tell God when we come together. And then we let God speak to us.

Because we know that everything God wants to give us, He gives first and foremost through His word. God created heaven and earth through His word and He created human beings so He could speak with them.

He does not speak to trees, He does not speak to animals, but He speaks to human beings because He has given human beings the ability to listen to Him and to understand Him.

From a divine service by the Chief Apostle