Pointing the way

God uses His Spirit to show us the way. He does not tell us what we should eat, what kind of book we should read, or what kind of car or bike we should buy. He tells us which path to take.

The goal of our journey is eternal life, eternal fellowship with God. The Holy Spirit tells us what we should look out for when making decisions. He does not make decisions for us. All He does is remind us what we should think about when making decisions. If you decide to do this or that, are you sure that you can fulfil God’s will? If you decide to take this step, are you sure that you can keep the commandment to love God and your neighbour?

If the answer is yes, then do it. If you are not sure, think about it. It is likely not a good decision then.

Jesus is with us. He tells us how we should decide. Use this gift of the Holy Spirit to make decisions in your daily life. Sometimes it takes a little time. But take the time, it is worth it. Think about Jesus. Remember His commandment to love God and your neighbour. And then make your decision. It will be the right one.

From a divine service by the Chief Apostle