Guide for Ministers

3 Ministry

A spiritual ministry constitutes authorisation, blessing, and sanctification issued through ordination for service in the church of Christ. It is exercised in the power of the Holy Spirit.[2] A ministry comprises ministerial authority as well as a ministerial mandate. The ministerial authority is of a theological nature, the ministerial mandate is of a canonical nature.

3.1 Ministerial order
3.2 Ministerial authority
3.3 Ordination of ministers
3.3.1 Ordination: Procedure
3.3.2 Ordination: Sequence and recommended wording
3.4 Ministerial mandate
3.4.1 Ministerial mandate: Working area
3.4.2 Ministerial mandate: Exercising a ministry outside of the working area
3.4.3 Ministerial mandate: Exercising a ministry in retirement
3.5 Exercise of a previously held ministry
3.6 Leave of absence
3.6.1 Leave of absence: Possible reasons
3.6.2 Leave of absence: Procedure
3.6.3 Repealing a leave of absence
3.7 Reinstatement of ministers
3.7.1 Reinstatement of ministers: Procedure
3.7.2 Reinstatement of ministers: Liturgical position in the divine service
3.7.3 Reinstatement of ministers: Procedure
3.8 Retirement of ministers
3.8.1 Retirement of ministers: Sequence and recommended wording
3.9 Resignation from ministry
3.10 Dismissal from ministry
3.11 Re-ordination
3.12 Appointment of ministers
3.12.1 Appointment of ministers: Procedure
3.12.2 Appointment of ministers: Sequence and recommended wording
3.13 Assignment
3.14 Termination
3.15 Documentation of ordination, appointment, assignment
3.16 Prerequisites for a ministry
3.16.1 Self-conception of the minister
3.16.2 Prerequisites for a ministry: The Creed
3.16.3 Prerequisites for a ministry: Age
3.16.4 Prerequisites for a ministry: Competency profiles
3.16.5 Prerequisites for a ministry: Lifestyle
3.17 Initiation into ministry, appointment, or service
3.18 Training
3.19 Rights
3.19.1 Rights: Consent to ordination, appointment, and assignment
3.19.2 Rights: Information rights
3.19.3 Rights: Participation in meetings and divine services for ministers
3.19.4 Rights: Care and recuperation
3.19.5 Rights: Pastoral care
3.19.6 Rights: Right to a hearing
3.19.7 Rights: Retirement
3.19.8 Rights: Resignation from ministry
3.20 Obligations
3.20.1 Obligations: Connection to the apostolate
3.20.2 Obligations: Advocating the doctrine
3.20.3 Obligations: Compliance with Church regulations
3.20.4 Obligations: Impartiality
3.20.5 Obligations: Duty to refuse benefits
3.20.6 Obligations: Confidentiality
3.20.7 Obligations: Ministers working together
3.20.8 Obligations: Duty of disclosure
3.20.9 Obligations: Loyalty and good conduct
3.20.10 Obligations: Conflicts with professional interests
3.20.11 Obligations: Restraint in political activity
3.20.12 Obligations: Protection from sexual violence
3.21 Consequences of breaching ministerial obligations